I am a casual fan of U2 and their older songs before 2000. Throughout the years, the show, One Tree Hill had featured so many great bands and songs. I discovered the song during the final minutes of One Tree Hill. I had discovered two top 25 songs through this show, one at the very beginning of the series run and one at the very end.

The final nine minutes of One Tree Hill feature two songs. One I saw coming and one I should’ve saw coming. I couldn’t imagine a better song to close out one of my favorite shows!

One Tree Hill

"It’s the oldest story in the world. One day, you’re 17 and planning for someday, and then quietly and without you really noticing, someday is today, and then someday is yesterday, and this is your life.”

Thank you Mark Schwahn! The creator/head writer of One Tree Hill. Schwahn did what I believe few people in the TV business do. Create a show and STICK with it for its entire series run. One Tree Hill started when I was in High School and it ran for nine seasons. It became the last show that was still on the air that I started watching back in High School. Schwahn once described his show as a serialized character drama and that is what it was most of the time.


The ninth and final season of One Tree Hill wasn’t a fan favorite and I agree. The overall tone of the final season was drastically more gritty and dark. I usually like dark and gritty shows like AMC’s The Killing and The Walking Dead, but the dramatic change hurt One Tree Hill. I knew Schwahn did said he wasn’t going to hold anything back and that the final season will be very different. It was a creative risk to take most of the characters to dark places for most of the season, but I believe it was Schwahn’s mindset toward the FINAL season that drove him down this gritty road. When he got the news that his show was renew for an 13 episodes final season, he probably spent a week or two lock in his writing room plotting out the final season. At some point, he thought… “Fuck it! It’s the final season! I got nothing to lose! I can do whatever I want without worrying about being renewed for another season. Let pull out all the stops in the final season!” I am sure that how most show writers feel when their show is in their last hurrah. I like the final season of One Tree Hill. It may not felt like One Tree Hill until the final three episodes, but the characters were consistently for most parts throughout the final 13 episodes. I think a lot of fans and myself like the fact that throughout the dark final season, we finally saw the beginning and the end of Dan’s road to redemption. The final season wasn’t what I thought it would be, but at least Schwahn ended it his way and the series finale was great. Reminded me a lot like ER. Both finales weren’t over the top, they stayed true to the show’s tone and made it all about the characters.

Tree Hill took place in North Carolina and the show was shot in Wilmington. Ever since I move to NC, I’d been wanting to go to Wilmington and see the infamous Rivercourt. I finally visited Tree Hill two Summer ago. Walking around downtown old Wilmington, I noticed some of the locations that was use in the show. It was raining the day I visited the rivercourt so I wasn’t able to spend much time there. It was surreal being at the rivercourt, after seeing it so many times on TV over the years. Wilmington is a great place to shoot a series. Before One Tree Hill, they had Dawson’s Creek.

One of my favorite parts of the show was always the music. Schwahn is a huge fan of music. One Tree Hill was an 80’s U2 song. Amazing U2 song. Schwahn was always lookinga for new music and he used his show to shine a spotlight on them. It’s a coincidence that both Angels and Airwaves and Jack’s Mannequin, my top two favorite bands, performed on One Tree Hill. I guess you could says the show got me going to live shows since Gavin DeGraw was my first concert.

One Tree Hill started out as a story of two half brothers and their father and over the year, evolves into a drama about the importance of family and friends, hopes and dreams, and great music!