Thanks to Pandora radio for discovering this song last year. 

After nearly 20 years as a band, Foo Fighters created These Days. I am not surprise These Days turn out to be Dave Grohl’s favorite song he’d written. 

I am a casual fan of U2 and their older songs before 2000. Throughout the years, the show, One Tree Hill had featured so many great bands and songs. I discovered the song during the final minutes of One Tree Hill. I had discovered two top 25 songs through this show, one at the very beginning of the series run and one at the very end.

Andrew McMahonfrontman of Jack’s Mannequin and Something Corporate, is the “Picasso” of the indie rock scene! Jack’s Mannequin is the best live band there is! Any fan of live music should go see Jack’s Mannequin live!

The song that started it all… read my book if you want to know what I mean.

This is Fall Out Boy at their best… before MTV came along and fucked them up! Chicago is So Two Years Ago had always been my favorite FOB song! 

One of my favorite band shirts will always be the Ohio is for Lovers shirt that I wore to my first Warped Tour many years ago.

I cannot live, I can’t breathe
unless you do this with me…

AVA got it right on their first single six years ago! Music at its finest! 

Another 90’s classic!